SBB’s sustainability philosophy.

SBB is committed to sustainable corporate governance. We consider our economic, social and environmental responsibility to our customers, our employees and Switzerland in all our decision-making. Our dedication to our work and the services we offer help to improve quality of life and competitiveness, while contributing to sustainable development.

Sustainability at SBB Real Estate.

SBB Real Estate buildings are planned, built and operated using materials that are energy efficient and save resources. The following basic principles apply:

  • Reducing CO2 emissions and lowering dependence on fossil fuels by implementing renewable energies.
  • Increasing energy efficiency in existing buildings within the framework of renovation and renewal projects.
  • Creating and developing new buildings which are more sustainable than is required by law.
  • Reducing operating energy and costs by optimising the running of the properties.
  • Measuring and recording the energy data of the relevant consumers as the basis for the further development of the portfolio.

Renovation of properties.

Since 2011, SBB Real Estate has managed to save 34 gigawatt hours (GWh) of energy per year using renovation measures in existing buildings, specifically through replacing heating and windows, insulating the facades, etc.

Sustainable new buildings.

For major new construction projects, SBB Real Estate consistently applies the DGNB standard, to integrate these sustainability issues comprehensively in projects.


Previously pre- or certified projects (PDF)

Smart working.

The flexible, mobile workplace is already a reality for over 9,000 SBB employees. SBB saves 4.5 gigawatt hours (GWh) of energy per year through smart working, desksharing and concentration on new, energy-efficient office buildings.

No fossil fuel heating systems.

SBB Real Estate is not building any more new fossil fuel heating systems and since 2015, has replaced around 100 oil heating systems with wood. This alone saves 1,300,000 litres of oil per year.

Photovoltaics expansion.

SBB will produce 30 gigawatt hours (GWh) of photovoltaic energy per year for its own needs by 2030.