SBB's real estate strategy for housebuilding.


SBB's real estate strategy for housebuilding.

SBB already supports the construction of affordable housing and will continue to do so. SBB Real Estate’s portfolio currently includes around 1,000 affordable* homes. SBB has also enabled some 36 housing cooperatives to build a total of around 1,600 homes.

In the future, SBB will build at least 10,000 new homes and retain its commitment to constructing affordable housing. In the long term, SBB will make it possible for almost half of its housing to be affordable, both through building rights agreements with housing cooperatives and for its own portfolio.
  • By managing and developing properties around the railways in Switzerland‘s main economic hubs, SBB Real Estate is creating added value for the entire railway system, cities and the public.
  • Any profit generated by SBB Real Estate is ploughed back into the railway system.
  • As agreed with political leaders, real estate profits are used to restructure/consolidate the SBB pension fund (2018: 178.1 Mio. CHF), to make annual payments totaling CHF 150 million to SBB Infrastructure and to consolidate SBB’s debts.
  • With its real estate strategy, SBB is fulfilling the mandate from the federal government that requires real estate used for commercial purposes to be managed in a market-orientated way and the increased value of the property portfolio to be guaranteed for the long term.

*SBB Real Estate defines a home in its portfolio as affordable if the annual rent per square metre is below the 50% quantile according to Wüest Partner or if plots have been given to housing cooperatives.

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