Core areas of expertise

Core areas of expertise

SBB Real Estate core areas of expertise.

Alongside our customers and partners, our employees and their wide-ranging areas of activity are at the heart of what we do. From strategy and planning through to implementing and managing the real estate portfolio, we’ve got every base covered.


Management Board SBB Real Estate

Portfolio Management: property with strategy.

If you are going to be one of Switzerland’s biggest real estate owners, you need to have a good strategy. SBB’s Portfolio Management division devises the strategic and financial targets for projects and real estate portfolios. Portfolio Management also coordinates SBB’s interdivisional interests – it’s all about keeping an eye on the big picture and looking ahead.

Real Estate Legal Services: efficient real estate transactions.

Real Estate Legal Services is SBB’s transaction specialist for buying and selling real estate. The division guarantees a smooth selling process via public calls for tender or selective bidding processes. It ensures that the land required for rail projects is available before construction begins. It represents SBB’s interests when third-parties are planning to build near SBB railway systems and safeguards the train lines for future development.

Development: centres for the future.

SBB is responsible for developing the railway and surrounding areas. Development is currently working on around 160 projects throughout Switzerland which will become urban public transport centres for working, living and shopping. A key element of these projects is building affordable housing. They are managed by Development, which makes sure to exploit their full potential from a social, financial and environmental perspective.

Estate Management: lasting values – increasing value.

Real estate is actively managed and supervised to help provide our customers with well-maintained and high-quality properties. The Estate Management division not only focuses on the present but also, and in particular, on the future, thus making a key contribution to increasing the value of SBB Real Estate. Its work is sustainable, safe and clean: “sustainable” because it manages properties in a user-oriented and cost-effective way and continuously optimises the range of services and sectors on offer at the stations. The value of stations, stops and investment properties is preserved thanks to targeted maintenance and repair work. A customer-oriented station management team bears overall responsibility for safe, clean and comfortable stations.

SBB Facility Management: an SBB speciality.

As soon as SBB customers enter or exit a station, they find themselves in the capable hands of Facility Management. Using state-of-the-art, ecologically safe tools, its employees ensure that customers feel safe and secure at any time of day or season of the year – not only within stations, but also in the immediate vicinity. Facility Management keeps all public areas in pristine condition, thus sustainably preserving the value of the facilities. The integral provider’s scope of services also includes technical facility management and management functions.

Thanks to our many years of experience and proven nose for trends, you will find seasoned contacts at SBB Real Estate who will be happy to discuss your new company location, your idea for a store or restaurant or your innovative service offer.